This is Freya, she has prelimmed very well with OFA  and has been cleared for hip/elbow dysplasia, we have received DNA results and she is normal for DM
She will be bred this fall to Kao Von Wendelin, she has a very playful personality and great drive, nice temperament and solid nerve she is very level headed.
She came to us from Kathy @Wild Wind's, progeny of 
Zico RO-KOP Bohemia X Carmen z Cerkasu
Vana is a very vivacious but level headed female she was a result of our Wild Wind's Zara x Jovan Von Weiss mating, she has been a great asset to our breeding program and has proven herself to be a good companion and foremost major security system lol, she is a dominant female and nothing really phases her!
After much thought of retiring her we are giving her one last litter as she produces great offspring, after which she will be retired :)