Our goal is to place each puppy in a well suited home where the puppy meets your expectations and you will do what is best for the puppy. In order to help with this process, we ask that you send a detailed e-mail on your environment and how you plan on keeping and raising your new pup along with your preference of type/personality temperament and drive of the dog.   We only sell to approved homes we do not produce many puppies and are very involved with our puppy owners, if you do not plan on keeping your pup in the house and as part of a family unit then I urge you to look for another breeder. No puppy or dog should be tethered to a dog house or caged 24/7 these guys need consistency in training also a good amount of daily exercise to work their bodies and their minds! If you cannot commit to them they in turn will not to you but if you give them the boundaries and training they require you'll end up with the very best dog you've ever had. This is not a breed for a novice/beginner I tell all my clients to do their homework on this wonderful breed before making the commitment, puppy and obedience classes is definitely a prerequisite !  You should add as much info as you can  when sending me this email! Please include the area in which you live as well as your previous experience with any working breed . Please everyone as animal lovers we wish and hope that all dogs have a good home I would urge you to please checkout your local shelters, Humane Society or SPCA for a wonderful pet who surely deserves a second chance at life!


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