Feeding and caring for your puppy

Our dogs are all raised on a raw diet, we believe it is by far the optimum nutrition for you best friend after all they are carnivores. There is a ton of good info out there if you are interested in feeding raw and it's not as expensive as you may think. Raw fed dogs are healthier, they don't have bad body odor or bad breath they  have much smaller stool, it's also recommended for dogs who have food allergies!! I much prefer placing my pups in raw fed homes but if you cannot feed them a species appropriate diet then I strongly urge a high end grain free kibble, you can check the "Dog food Advisory" online and see their ratings!

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Buying a new addition like a GSD puppy is a big step and should never be taken lightly, I advise all my potential clients to please do their research on this working breed.

They are not your average dog and require a good amount of exercise  and training to keep them stimulated therefore happy and good family companions. My dogs will not be sold to a home that keeps them chained in a back yard, as  a responsible GSD owner it is his or her job to supply them with a good amount of appropriate exercise, proper nutrition and ample room to run and play along with good obedience training, this will guarantee that you get the best out of your new family member ! 

   Please read this informative article on your pups hips/elbows  :)