Django - Zara x Figo April 29 2014. 
Thank you Trina, for allowing us to purchase our beautiful boy Django. He is a lovely dog inside and out and a very welcome addition to our family. 
He has a wonderful temperament, always easy going. He is great with our two young grandchildren and anyone he meets. 
We also have a Jack Russell and a cat and Django gets along very well with them as well. 
I take Django to the dog park every day and we also go for walks on the trails, he is a very happy and well balanced dog. 
Almost everyday someone compliments him on how handsome and well behaved he is. 
Django is very special to us and always looks out for our daughter who is Autistic, he seems to know when she needs a little extra love and attention.. 
Thank you again Trina so glad we found out about Boom Lake's German Shepherds!

Claire and George De Silva



We have a wonderful, beautiful Girl named Zoey. She came to us from Boom Lakes. We are very happy to have received this great addition to our family. Trina was so good with keeping us up to date with our new addition and her siblings. She had new pictures often on the Boom Lake's website and Face Book page. We got to watch the puppies grow and change before we made our pick. I am pretty sure Trina had already picked Zoey (turquoise girl april 2012) out as the one that we would fall in live with. She was right, from the moment I saw her she seemed to be the one I was drawn to. Every time there were new pictures posted she was the girl I really liked. Her perfect markings and little tongue. Even her laziness was cute. We got to meet her and her siblings when they were taking refuge in South Porcupine last Spring. She was not the first one to run over and see who we were. She was the one sleeping in the food dish. She was all fed up and ready for a good nap. We could not have picked a better match for our family. Trina was so great even with the reallocation of her whole family (including the four legged ones) we still knew how the pups and their Momma were. New pictures got posted and little up dates too. If you have ever been to the Boom Lakes Website you know that the dogs in that house are loved, well bred, and taken care of.



ONYX – Roxy/Ozzy – Aug/11 litter


My boyfriend and I, at the time, lived in Hamilton, Ontario.  We already had one adult shepherd cross, Octane, but were playing with the idea of adding another member to our fur-family.  Passing time at home one day, I stumbled across Trina’s website for Boom Lakes German Shepherds and was immediately impressed with the appearance and described disposition of Trina’s pack.  I contacted Trina and through discussion decided that this was for sure the breeder my boyfriend and I wanted to get our puppy from.  Trina was nothing but informative and a genuine pleasure to deal with.
We picked up our solid black puppy, Onyx, from Trina on October 8th, 2011.  Onyx immediately befriended our current dog, and 2 months later, when we added one more pup, a white GSD named Wraith, treated the young pup with love and affection.  Onyx is the sweetest, most caring dog and had made a wonderful addition to this family.  Her calm and patient demeanor is a blessing.  One of the things that impresses me most is when my 2 year old nephew comes over.  The other two dogs pay him no mind, but not Onyx.  She stays by him where ever he goes.  I once caught my nephew crawling onto Onyx’s bed with her while she was sleeping.  He got in the bed and laid his head on her chest, squeezing her with his little arms.  She merely licked his face and put her head back down on the bed and they had a nap together.  Her affection and love is so heart-warming.
Trina and her dogs/puppies are highly HIGHLY recommended to anyone seeking, not just a fierce protector, but a balanced dog you are proud to call family.  
These photos were taken at 7 months~





Our experience with Boom's Lake German Shepherds was great! This is our first German Shepherd and Trina was there answering all of our questions and concerns along the way.
We were a little nervous about flying our little girl, Lexie, down to us but Trina made sure that all the arrangments were smooth and organized. Everything was done with care and Trina's open communication was extremely reassuring.
Six months later Trina has still been a valuable resource for our family. She is always available to answer any new questions we've had regarding Lexie. Her commitment to the puppies she's bred after they've left her is just another example of how invested she is in her German Shepherds. She is always asking us for updates and new pictures of Lexie as she grows!
Lexie is a beautiful German Shepherd and we couldn't have wished for a better little girl. On walks, we are constantly being stopped and complimented on her beauty. She is extremely smart, playful, loving and loyal. Her ability to learn new things quickly amazes us all the time. She is also goofy and has a great energetic personality. Lexie loves playing with other dogs at the park and is very friendly towards people of all ages! She is a very well mannered dog with an amazing temperment.
Thank you Trina for all your help and support, and especially for bringing us to our wonderful girl, Lexie!
Peter and Sarah




I did my research and came across a reputable breeder; Boom Lake German Shepherds. The dogs intriqued me on the website so I called Trina Johnston the owner and discussed with her my priorities in the breed. When she described her breeding bitch Harley it sounded exactly like the girl I had just lost. I decided
I would purchase one of Harley's puppies.
When the puppies were born we made the trip up to Timmins to meet Harley and Ozzy (dad) and the rest of the dogs. Harley did not disappoint and was exactly what I expected. Beautiful, gentle, very proud of her pups and radiated intelligence. Ozzy was also extremely friendly, intelligent and a very well built solid dog.
The rest of BLGS dogs were also very impressive, well adjusted and cared for. 

We now have one of Harley and Ozzy's babies and we are extremely happy. Minx is a big, solidly built black girl with an incredible disposition and excellent confirmation. She has been extremely easy to train, has amazing common sense and is very laid back. She is protective but not at all aggressive. She has become a part of our family.

Trina Johnston takes her dog breeding very seriously. I would highly recommend Boom Lake German Shepherds to anyone looking for a good quality german shepherd dog.
Penny Barteaux DVM. 






My husband and I live in the Turks and Caicos Islands and currently own a Security Company. We had decided to add patrol dogs to our business, and chose the German Shepherd as our breed of choice. After only a few searches we came across and could not believe how gorgeous there dogs where. Once I contacted Trina I knew she shared the same passion for dogs as we did. Seal is a beautiful dog and we are so thankful that we found such a wonderful breeder. Seal is now enjoying his life on the beach! Thank you so much for our new addition to our family."
Rochelle Misener







Hi Trina just a note to let you known how pleased we are with Autumn.  She is a sweetheart and has grown into a large heavy boned girl.  She gets along with all the other dogs and with everyone in our family but maintains her vigilance with strangers letting them know she is watching.  Even when things are going crazy around her she maintains her calm demeanor.  We love her....thank you very much...................
Ulvilden German Shepherds~






Bullit.: Roxy/Ozzy, On October 8th, 2011 my husband and I got a female black shepherd puppy from Trina at Boomlakes German Shepherds.  My son and my friend each got one of her brothers.  Although, we are about 8 hours away we found them on line and have never regreted getting a puppy from so far away.  It was instant love when we first met Bullit.  She is completely black and extremely smart.  The only training she got as a puppy was what I did with her and she learned very quickly.  She is a wonderful watch dog, she is very alert and we always know when someone is here.  She is very loveable with my husband and myself as well as our three children and our four grandchildren.  Although she barks at people she becomes very friendly with most of them.  We have many friends who have come to love her as well.  She has been a great playmate for my grandchildren who I babysit at least three days a week.  Trina and I have always kept in touch.  I send her pictures and let her know how she is doing and she has been very helpful with any questions that I have had.  Bullit has become a major part of our lives and we would be lost without her. 







Rio: Harley/Ozzy

I would be more than happy to recommend Trina!! We have an Ozzy/Harley daughter named Rio...she has been a wonderful addition to our Family. Rio has an amazing temperament, she is funloving and happy. She is a great watch dog, but friendly and loving with everyone after they are introduced. Rio is a big girl and she has terriffic health, we have had no problems whatsoever, and she had great hip and elbow Xrays.
Over the years Trina has become a good friend, I know she stands behind her dogs and she always keeps their best interests in mind. I am looking forward to getting another puppy from Trina in 2013!!! :)
Kathy Cecchin  Wild Winds GSD's







Dealing with Trina was a real pleasure especially and we wholeheartedly recommend that if you are looking for a GSD ,
A wonderful guard dog and intelligent as can be !

And absolutely handsome as can be !

Dealing with Trina was a real pleasure especially and we wholeheartedly recommend that if you are looking for a GSD , then with 

then with Boom Lakes GSD's  .  .  . the search is over.
YOUR pup is here !
Thanks again Trina !!!
Chris and Susi Oxley.





ACE: Miss-T/Ozzy
"Our experience dealing with Trina @ Boom Lake's has been a positive one. She made the pick up of our dog easy and she is very quick to answer all questions by e-mail. We had a lot of questions for her while purchasing our first pure bred dog and she made it easy. We looked at many breeders and have no regrets with our dog. Ace has already been through 3 obedience classes and will be starting agility shortly. Ace is good with kids and other dogs, he is a quick learner and is extremly loyal. Ace comes everywhere with us truck, boat, canoe and hike, he loves being outside. If you have the time to train and socialize them they are great dogs. 
Matt and Liany






She is 'family' material and as a single mom I know we are so safe too. she does not have any agressive tendencies whatsoever with my kids, she sure is a clown when she wants attention.
I know she is so smart and could have done so well in training as a working dog etc. but shes got it made here...own couch, sleeps on my bed...
About our Meda .....her personality is so diverse...

she is 'family' material and as a single mom I know we are so safe too. she does not have any agressive tendencies whatsoever with my kids, she sure is a clown when she wants attention.

I know she is so smart and could have done so well in training as a working dog etc. but shes got it made here...own couch, sleeps on my bed...

While we spoil her, we also respect and appreciate her intelligence and true nature as a guardian. My 10 and 13 year old can take her for walks, and despite a few barks here and there, she is obedient, controlled, and calm. I am looking forward to this winter and spring, so that she can accompany me on my marathon training runs now that she's grown up.






 Ebony: Roxy/Ozzy
is doing great,thanks! Ebony got her laser surgery done on August 17th and the procedure went very well and when the vet weighed her she was 57LBS. The Vet also said that Ebony is very lean, muscular and healthy!!! She is still very friendly and has a lot of energy (loves to play fetch!) She still does not have the protective instinct (at least not yet). Ebony still has motion sickness and pukes in my car...You gave me a wonderful gift and I’m very blessed







Trina is my sister my friend and I have been through the puppy process with her from the beginning! I have been a helper with deliveries on more than one occasion, I am her organizer where paperwork is concerned and we have just completed our role as foster parents to 3 beautiful young girls ( Jinx, Jada and Jazz ) from the litter Ozzy & Zara. Our girl was one of them fostered and we just could not part with her in the end.
Having just lost our sweet loving boy Axyl in January of 2012 we were no way ready to have another puppy let alone a female, but here we are!
Of course there is no question as to where we would have gotten our next puppy Trina is a dog lover like myself and she has done a wonderful job in the breeding world. I for one have met and cuddles everyone of those puppies out there and they were all loved to the max we would have taken everyone of them home if we had the room at least I would have!
All the dogs living and passing through Trina's home are extremely well mannered and friendly, beautifully conformed, strong, adorable and extremely intelligent. We can personally attest to this from firsthand experience, they were house broken within a week and kennel trained the first day they arrived for fostering at 8 weeks old
We have taken this beautiful little girl into our home and heart where she will know nothing but great love and affection, our thoughts are also on wanting to adopt a little boy in the future as a playmate for Jazz.
Thank you my sister, my friend this little girl is well on her way to being a black beauty~

Vicky & Gino